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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Jewish Nazis in Israel?

A fire of hatred and persecution is raging in Arad Israel. In a town on the edge of the Negev Desert the war is no longer between Jew and Arab, but between Jew and Jew. For almost a year now a small group of Messianic Jews, Jews who believe Jesus is the Messiah, have been violently harassed by the Ger-Hasidim, an ultra-Orthodox sect originally from Poland.

The situation continues to escalate despite efforts from the secular police, from scheduled protests outside of private homes, to near riots in the street, to the burning of a chess club run by the Messianic Jews. No one seems willing or even able to control the vile hatred that is being perpetrated in the name of religion.

Polly Sigulim is a native born Israeli Jew and a widow who has taken in several orphan children from Messianic families around Israel. Two of her adopted children are teen age boys whose parents were murdered by a homicide bomber. Yet, the Gur-Hasidim protest outside her home on an almost daily basis calling her a Nazi and a harlot and claiming that she kidnaps Jewish children by the busload in order to baptize them as Christian Nazis. These are not small protests either. Recently, the police refused a permit to allow 750 protesters to meet outside her home. The Hasidic Rabbis took them to court and were told to keep their protest to a group of no more than 250.

Imagine the horror of 250 crazed people with signs condemning you as a Nazi outside your home screaming to your neighbors that you are a whore who abuses children and calling for your arrest as an enemy of your nation.

Lura and Eddie Beckford are Messianic Israeli’s who opened a small chess club for the many Russians in that community who love to play the game. Though they openly share their faith with adults in that community they are accused through constant protests of Missionizing small children, which is a crime in Israel. When they started giving away used clothing from the chess club, some of the Hasid protesters actually accused them of giving away clothes stripped from Holocaust victims. In June of this year, the chess club was destroyed by arson. The police did arrest three of the Hasidim for arson, but a judge released them on their own recognizance while they await trial. They are actively protesting and harassing their Messianic Jewish neighbors again.

Secular Jews, appalled at the violence, have called for the police to take more action. At the hearing to determine if the number of protesters could be increased to 750, one of Polly’s neighbors showed his tattoo as a Holocaust survivor and testified how ashamed he was to see Jews acting like Nazi’s.

Yet, no one will stand up to the purveyors of hatred because they are supposed to be “religious” Jews.

The Gur Hasidim are an ultra-Orthodox sect, known for the fur hats their men wear, and the ritual of shaving wives heads and forcing them to wear a Shetyl (a wig, popular with certain ultra-Orthodox sects). In the 19th century the Gur Hasidim virtually started a civil war in Poland with other Orthodox sects over the requirement of shaving a woman’s head, a tradition not found in the biblical scriptures but only in the traditions of their rabbis.

How is this different from the Christian cults? Jim Jones, David Koresh, Joseph Smith Jr., all of which replaced scripture with their own teachings and the commandments of God with their own Laws. Man seems incapable of allowing faith without the restrictions of man’s own legalism, and as a result such cults always result in hatred, persecution, and eventually death.

Orthodox Jews claim that they are striking back against Christians who have persecuted their own people for 2000 years. However, the first Christian martyr, a man named Stepahnos was stoned to death by radical Pharisees for the sin of proclaiming Jesus. Jewish law (not Gods Law) for thousands of years has proclaimed a death penalty for choosing to accept Jesus as the Messiah. That penalty is beheading for gentiles and stoning for Jews.

I thank God that most Jewish people are not followers of this dangerous and hate filled cult and that even in a predominately Jewish nation men like Polly’s neighbor can see the similarities between the Nazi hatred and the hatred of the Gur Hasidim.

Many Christians today feel a need to reach out in love to Israel and to support Israel’s right to exist as a free nation… as such they should encourage Israel to protect the basic human rights of Messianic Jews from the modern Nazi with a fur hat!

You can not love Israel until you first love your Jewish brothers and sisters in Christ. The persecution of Messianic Jews by the ultra-Orthodox must stop or Christians should withhold all support for Israel and send their money instead to Organizations who will help.

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