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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Veil of the Deciever

For years I have been perplexed by the apparent take-over and corruption of the Messianic Movement by Gentiles. I suspect I have not been alone in this. Comments by Juster, Fructenbaum, and others far more sholarly than this Rasha One have attempted to explain the Two-House or Ephraimite movement.

Eschatology and Soiterology aside, what is the real danger, in any, in gentiles believeing they are the lost tribes of Israel? The argument can be made that it brings them closer to haShem, strengthens their relationship with Y'shua, and returns them to Torah as a guide to righteousness.

There are numerous arguments that can be made in response and many of them have been made in the past.

1. It is of the flesh... it profits no one to be Israel after then flesh... the only real profit is in coming to Y'shua
2. It promotes a false hope... many of these Ephraimites see a day when they will be allowed to make Aliyah... or worse, a greater Exodus when all the followers of these groups will return in mass to Eretz Yisrael. (and we were worried about the Palestinians!)
3. It is racist... it doesnt matter whether you are Jew or Gentile, you must be born again and grated into the Olive Tree of faith (Romans 11)
4. It does not fit with history... the 10 tribes were scattered through Asia, there is not evidence that they migrated to NW Europe.

But what is the danger of this belief, IF it draws them closer to Y'shua and moves them to learn Torah?

I now believe that this is all part of a greater deception. Perhaps one of the greatest deceptions.

These people regularly come to the Goyish Messianic movement because they are anomias. Now before anyone reacts out of ignorance let me explain that anomias here is LATIN not Greek. It is a psychological term used for those with an identity crisis. They enter this movement not because they are Jews but because they want to be Jews. They see that the blessing is on the seed of Avraham and they desire to be that seed. They have an identity crisis.

The scriptural answer is that through Avrahams seed (Y'shua) all the families of the earth are blessed. Therefore it does not matter if you are a Jew or a Gentile. Your blessing is Y'shua.

So then seeking an idenity ear ticklers are able to fulfill that inner search for who they are. They become what they want to be, and unfortunately, once their new identity is established, they often begin to despise the Jews.

The deciever has set them up for a fall. A big one! And his snare is as old as he is. These same ear ticklers who are proclaiming this Ephraimite Identity to them are an unkosher bunch to say the least. False doomsday prophets setting dates for the end of the world and calling for "Israel" to gather together for the greater exodus. Some of these False Doomsday prophets come out of notorious anti-Christian cults. Other fake academic credentials and plagerize translations of Psuedo-graphica. Some claim a spurious source for Canonical scripture (things like Aramaic Matthew and Hebrews from the middle ages)

Go to their conferences and you will hear teachings about the validity of the Book of Jasher, or the beauty of Enoch. You will hear Rabbinic and non Rabbinic Halacha proclaimed as gospel. You will hear teachings on Lunar Shabbat and Aviv Barley. But how often will you hear of Y'shua, kinsman redeemer to man?

What is the veil of the Deciever? To suck these people in with the promise of an identity as a psuedo-Jew... fill them with false hope through false prophecy... feed them another gospel and even another Torah... and in time:

1. The prophecies will prove false... some will be disallusioned
2. Their families will hate them because they have become fake jews
3. They will be isolated from the body of Messiah and led away from sound teaching
4. They will lose hope
5. They will lose faith

And then the enemy will come in through his servants the anti-Missionaries and steal the rest of the Word from their hearts. They will be told that they dont have to become Jews... they can be "Righteous Gentiles"... many have already fallen to this cult and many more will follow. They will become Noachides.

Call me paranoid if you want. But it has already happened to some. As the Goyish Messianic movement progresses into more and more wierdness and instability, more and more of them will find another identity... Noachidism!

So what can we do about this? Proclaim Y'shua to the world... do not compromise, and do not accept these false messianics as anything other than the cults they are. Teach Y'shua and he alone as the covering for sins. Teach repentance from dead works (faith in anything but him) and the Grace of G-d.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post. As one who just left a fellowship like you described, it is extremely helpful to read some of your thoughts. Helps me to expound on mine. I'm still deciphering what I just went through at a 4 day Shavuot Conference, but I thank G-d that I was not further deceived. Doctrine is, indeed, important! I wish you would write more on this topic.

9:35 PM  

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