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Monday, August 01, 2005

Real Peace for Jerusalem

Today I recieved notice of a call for a worldwide prayer event. Jews throughout the world as asked to say the Sh'ma on this Wed. at 2 PM Eastern Time (7 PM in Jerusalem where they will gather at the Western Wall). The purpose of this is to invoke the Most High's aide in promoting peace during the forced expulsion of Jewish settlers from Gaza.

Peace is something we could all use in our lives. But what is the price of peace? Israel was given to the children of Yakov, from the river of Egypt unto the Euprates. G-d has reassembled Israel from the nations and beginning in 1948 HE has established them as a nation once again.

Nehemia in the spirit of prophecy once told the bedouins who were harrassing him "We will build this wall... but YOU have no right, no portion, nor memorial is Yerushalaiyim!" Amein v'Amein!!! That statement is just as true today.

The Partition of "Palestine" (a made up word) gave Am Yisrael a little strip of land at the coast. The Arabs foolishly attacked Israel until they beat them back to the point that they controlled a large portion of the land that was historically theirs. Now the Arabs cry out "Occupation - they have stolen our land." Excuse me... YOU attacked with overwhelming might and were beaten by a broken and wounded people. Are you Arabs or Canaanites? You fight like Canaanites and whine like little babies! IT is not your land and it never was! Your ancestors stole the land and converted a CHURCH, a Byzantine CHURCH, into a mosque on top of the JEWISH Temple mount.

You have no right.
You have no portion.
You have no memorial.

All you have is the blood of your children who you daily pass through the nitroglycerin to your false god Molech.

Sorry, I get emotional on this topic, but perhaps emotion is not the solution. The whole situation reaks of emotion and more than a little testosterone. The only answer that is acceptable according to scripture is Israel belongs to the Jew... Jordan belongs to the Arab. Go home Arabs.

But that answer is not one that liberal secularists can accept. They want to feel good about themselves and what they have accomplished. They honestly think land for peace is a workable option. They are as guilty as the Muhmahs in this. That they have set the enemy of Israel at their doorstep and given away their birthright as did Esau.

I can not solve the mideast conflict and neither can you. The conflict is as old as Sinai. And it will only be solved when King Moshiach sets on his throne.

So we will join with them in singing the Sh'ma. Not that the conflict will end but that innocent lives will be spared. I praise G-d I am not in the IDF and ordered to destroy the homes and dreams of my fellow jews in the name of a hopeless plan to trade land for peace.

Pray for the Peace of Yerusahalaiyim. Even So BO ADONAI Y'SHUA... BO MELECH HAMELECHIM!


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