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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Real Agenda of Cindy Sheehan

I don't often get political. For years now I have said I have no King but Messiah, even so Bo Adonai Y'shua. In a recent discussion I blasted President George W. Bush, who I voted for unabashedly, for his part in encouraging the madness of the disengagement. But today I must put the shoe on the other foot.

The current darling of the liberal press is one Ms. Cindy Sheehan, who is camped outside the Bush ranch in Crawford TX with an enclave of grey hair pony tailed ex-Vietnam war protestors from San Francisco. The press reports every day how poor Ms. Sheehan, who lost her son in the Iraq war, pleads for the right to address her concerns with President Bush. Be still my bleeding heart.

From the reports in the media it is difficult to fathom why the President would not meet with such a grieving mother, simply for the PR benefits and common decency. Perhaps he knows something we do not.

Things are not always as they appear. HaSatan appears as an angel of light, and Ms. Sheehan appears as a grieving mother... until one investigates her history. Cindy Sheenan has met with the President before on this issue, even the media has fairly reported that. What they fail to tell us is that in between that meeting and today Ms. Sheehan has made many public comments that reveal her real motivation.

In a speech given in 2004 at San Francisco State University (SFSU) Cindy Sheehan went into an anti-American anti-Israel tirade that sounds more like a white supremacist than a grieving mother:

"We have no Constitution. We're the only country with no checks and balances. We want our country back if we have to impeach George Bush down to the person who picks up the dog sh-t in Washington! Let George Bush send his two little party animals to die in Iraq. It's OK for Israel to have nuclear weapons but we are waging nuclear war in Iraq, we have contaminated the entire country. It's not OK for Syria to be in Lebanon. Hypocrites! But Israel can occupy Palestine? Stop the slaughter!"

I don't think that requires much analysis to be honest... but, "We have no constitution", "no checks and balances"? Come now Cindy... the checks and balances protected your Bill Clinton from impeachment, but you would remove those checks in your fervor to rid this nation of G.W. Bush? And why would that be Cindy, could it be because he supports Israel?

Her words are bad enough but they only portray the vile and sinister motives of her heart. Her associations are far more revealing. Her co-speaker at this same speech was Lawyer Lynn Stewart who she introduced as her Atticus Finch to the audience. Should the reference escape you, Atticus Finch is the lawyer who defended an innocent Black man in the book, "To Kill a Mockingbird" (required reading when I was in High School!) Ms. Stewart is a convicted Terrorist-Supporter who passed Fatwas from her client Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind sheik responsible for the first WTC bombing.

Why would even the most flaming of liberals align herself with the enemies of America, unless of course they were an enemy of America.

I have been watching the news reports very careful to see if another member of her modern entourage at Crawford would be revealed. So far I have caught glimpses of him standing behind Cindy in photos and at least one video. But the news media seems determined not to point him out or record when he speaks. Who is this mystery man? David Duke, himself!

Now this raises a serious concern... why would the extreme left be aligned with the extreme right in any cause? Because both are extremists and both are determined to destroy Israel at any cost. HaSatan has been trying to destroy us from day one... Pharaoh, Haman, Antiochus, Titus, Constantine, Hitler, Duke... shall we add Sheenan to his list of puppets?

Duke, however, unlike Ms. Sheehan does not veil his antisemitism... it is his defining quality, he wrote recently on "Cindy Sheehan has a lot to be angry about. Her son was betrayed and his life lost by government officials who treasonably created and continue a war for Israel and the Jewish supremacist agenda rather than that of the United States."

It looks like politics, it smells like politics... but it is not the politics of man... it is heavenly politics... and attempt by haSatan to further humanities hatred of G-d and his people.

"We battle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places" Rabbi Sha'ul circa 65 CE

Nothing has changed and it will not change until Moshiach Y'shua sets on his throne... Bo Adonai Y'shua


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