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Monday, August 29, 2005

Rabertson or Jackson: Who Speaks for America?

When two self proclaimed religious leaders proclaim American Foreign Policy from opposite sides of the fence, America is the real loser. Last week Rev. Pat Robertson told a worldwide audience that the U.S. should assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez because the leftist President is a threat to American security and the cost of an assassination would be far less than the cost of a war.

The White House was very quick to point out that Pat Robertson does not establish U.S. Foreign Policy and that political assignation is forbidden by Federal Law. But Pat Robertson has a long history of radical remarks that spur his detractors as well as those who reject his version of the gospel to criticism. While some were quick to ask for President Bush to openly repudiate his friend Rev. Robertson, Chavez went so far as to formally request his extradition to Venezuela for terrorism.

Two bullies, who both use words instead of fists, are standing on the street corners of world opinion challenging each other, when along comes the master manipulator, Rev. Jesse Jackson, to the intersection to make sure he is in the limelight for another of his 15 minutes of fame.
Ian James of the Guardian reported today, “Jackson, who arrived Saturday for a visit along with members of his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, cited record-high oil prices as one major reason the U.S. government should seek better relations with Venezuela, which is the world's fifth largest oil exporter and a major supplier to the U.S. market.”
Pat Robertson may have played the fool with his inappropriate remarks, but Rev. Jackson is just as foolish with his idea that we should support a totalitarian socialist state because it possesses oil. It seems to me that Religious leaders should stick to religion and leave Foreign Policy to those tasked by the Legislative and Executive branch with those responsibilities.

Pat why didn’t you organize a mission trip to Caracas to preach Jesus to the good people of Venezuela? Jessie when you met with President Chavez which scriptures did you share concerning his hope of salvation? Why do you both insist on entering into a conflict in which neither of you has a part or portion to play?

Pat Robertson does not speak for me, nor does Jessie Jackson. I presume from the nature of their rhetoric that they do not speak for Christ either. They speak for themselves, in the hope of exalting themselves in the eyes of others and in doing so further the conflict. Cursed are the peace breakers for they shall be called the children of Satan.


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