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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Only One Way to Fight a War

It is difficult for an American Jew to undestand Israeli politics for a number of reasons.

First, we are not there. Insane murderers are not seducing their children to blow themselves up in our back yard. We do not live in communities with barbed wire fences and watch towers. We are not surrounded by enemies sworn to the elimination of the Jewish people.

Secondly, we enjoy some modicum of freedom of speech. An IDF Rabbi (Chaplain) was recently stripped to the rank of private and imprisoned for 4 1/2 months for daring to suggest to the troops that participation in Sharon's disengagement plan violates Torah.

As Americans we are a blessed people. I know it does not seem that way at times, flaming homosexuals march our streets proclaiming their rights to enter into unholy matrimony and that right to reproduce by turning our children away into their abomination. It does not seem than way when liberal communists want to shut down Christian schools or persecute Christians who wish to pray in public.

Sometimes it seems worse when you are a Messianic Jew. Your own family will disown you. Your community condemns you as a missionary out to steal Jewish souls, and the Christians condemn you as a Judaizer trying to destroy their own faith in all those lovely Roman customs they practice.

Sometimes I get disenchanted with it all. That's an easy trap to fall into. Elijah mere days after calling down fire from heaven to devour the prophets of Baal, sat under a juniper tree and cried out to G-d for death. But then if you look at the rest of this world, you will see how wonderfully blessed you are.

The gestapo is not visiting your town this week. The army is not trying to evict you to give your home to some uneducated terrorist. Little Abdul from the town down the road is not visiting your children's school with a knapsack full of C4. YET!

The price of peace is vigilance. The cost of freedom is determination.

I commend my Jewish brethren in Gaza and the West Bank for standing firm in the midst of madness. I guess it is fortunate that the blue man is not in eretz. I would not attack my brethren in the IDF, who are there following the orders of a wicked and foolish Knesset. I would teach the Palestinians the meaning of Terror.

These lands are not occupied. They were liberated as the IDF fought back against a viscious attack designed to wipe out all Israel. How would Sharon react if the brave men, women, and children were to march out of their soon to be lost homes in mass and marched to the south with blood cries on their lips... to carry out haShem's original command to clean the land of promise of these modern descendants of Caanan. Would their be Barak's amongst the IDF who would join them with enough firepower to show the arrogant Arabs what a real jihad is.

I would call Sharon's poker hand of land for peace and raise the bet to death for peace... till every Arab is driven out of the Land of Israel. Aren't you glad I am in America?

Hank (Thomas Paine) McCoy


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