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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fear Not

“Dateline: September 1, 2007

The US Army and civilian policemen completed the disengagement from Texas today complying with President Fernando Mendez’s request not to destroy the infrastructure of Mexico’s northernmost province.  The last holdout of radical right wing fanatics were dragged kicking and screaming from the Alamo at 11:30 PM last night after being subdued with 3 hours of concentrated tear gas.

President Hillary Clinton, this morning, praised the military for successfully completing this arduous but necessary task with a minimal loss of life and destruction of Mexican property and called for all Americans to pray for the peace and reconciliation of our nation as we enter into this new era of peace with Mexico.  President Clinton also reiterated her vow that this gesture of peace ensures that we will not need to disengage from New Mexico, Arizona, or California, though she is considering the UN mandate to return Florida to Cuban control.”

So you think this is a total fantasy of a rambling blue man?  What would you have said a year ago if I had suggested Ariel Sharon would return Gaza to the PLO?

These are strange times we live in, and yet, they are but the beginning of sorrows.  The world will get much worse before the end comes.  Foolishness will abound and man’s terror to man increase as the depravity of man’s system waxes to fullness.

Y’shua warned that it would be as the days of Noach before he returned.  In that day every man did as was right in his own eyes,  Nephelim consumed the flesh of humanity and fought senseless bloody wars against themselves.  While this is only hinted at in canonical history, there is enough evidence from non-traditional sources to support the biblical contention that it was really, REALLY BAD.

Are you ready for what is probably coming?  I mean READY!  When the Gestapo knocks on your door what are you going to do?

It’s so easy to be consumed by fear when all around you is chaos.  It is easy to strike back… Yes, you can pour acid on the troops below the roof of your synagogue, but they will still sweep you into their cage.  You can form a militia to defend your land, your rights, your home, but you will not be able to stand against an army which can summon forth air strikes and tanks.  You can hide in a cave with all your family and friends, but the modern juggernauts will hunt you out for their consumption.  In the end game of this world, there will be no escape from evil, except that which the Most High G-d has provided.

To live is Moshiach, to die is gain!  Rav Sha’ul said that almost 1900 years ago… just before they disconnected his head from his body.  One sharp pain in the neck and then GLORY unimaginable.  We need to stop fearing what man can do to us and fear him who is able to cast us into true despair and separation.

My word to the Body of Messiah today is this… FEAR NOT for I am with you sayeth the L-rd.  If ye walk in fear then ye are not in faith.  The worse they can do is kill you, and if you are his, you will not ever truly die.

Proclaim Y’shua until they remove your head from your shoulders and you will hear the refrain, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”


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