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Friday, August 19, 2005

An Apology to Israel

From Reuters News Service on Thursday 8/18:
CRAWFORD, Texas - The White House on Thursday praised Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip as a bold move that will strengthen ties between Israel and the United States.

As an American Jew, I wish to apologize to my Israeli Chaverim for the anti-Semitic actions and views of my President and his cabinet.

Were it possible Mr. President I would take back my vote for you in the last election.  It is time for America to form a Christian Right Party no matter what the effect is on the Republican party.  Any nation, any person, who will not bless the seed of Avraham will be cursed by Almighty G-d.

Israel belongs to the Jews only… it is the land of promise.  There is nothing more I can say.


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