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Friday, July 29, 2005

The Origin of Hank McCoy

So what is this new craze called Blogging... perhaps it is just an electronic diary, but perhaps it is much more.

I will use this to capture my ramblings and ravings as TheBeast. The Counter-Anti-Missionary Missionary to my own people, Am Yisrael. That way everyone can see how Rasha Hank McCoy truely is.

Let me start by saying that my real name is not Hank McCoy. Hank McCoy is a fictional character created by Stan Lee of Marvel Comics who went by the name of the Beast. As a child, I was the original Beast fan. I did extra chores to earn money to buy the X-Men comics each month as they came out. By Issue 4, I had won a genuine Marvel No-Prize (a certificate signed by Stan Less himself) for finding an error in X-Men issue #2. In my teenage years I outgrew the comics of course, but my love for the character of the Beast never faded.

Hank McCoy or the Beast, was a mutant with a brain and a tremendous sense of chivalry. He was a large man with extra large hands and feet, which enabled him to climb walls, make enourmous jumps, and kick the bad guys to kingdom come, all well reciting Shakespeare, Aristotle, or even Dante to everyone in ear shot. An Intellectual bore with the strength of 10 men.

As the Messianic Defense League began to develop I realised I needed a new identity besides my traditional profjra (Professor JRA) or RavYossef nicknames on the internet. One day it came to me - I was battling the enemies of the gospel and spouting my classical knowledge at the same time. I was the Beast.

So that my freinds is the origin of the name Hank McCoy also known as the Beast.

Occasionally you may still see me as RebRasha (Mr. Evil). That is a name adapted from the antimissionaries who kept saying I was pure evil. Of course, Evil to them is apposing their attempt to turn the world into Noachides and destroy all vestiges of Christianity from the universe. Believe the Mormons, the JW's, the Way, and especially the Moonies consider me just as EVIL. But I can not compromise on the truth. Quid est Veritas? Isos est Veritas! (What is Truth? Y'shua is Truth!)

Yet who am I really? Well perhaps that will be the subject of my next post...

To be continued...


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