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Friday, July 29, 2005

The Name for the BLOG

Obviously the name chosen for the BLOG is a parody of the movie title "Natural Born Killers" but perhaps the phsychology behind it runs deeper.

Nicodemus, a Pharisee with a Hellenized name, knew that Y'shua was different from Raboni. That he recognised his authority as a teacher of Israel is obvious because he refered to him as Master. This certainly went against the opinions of most of the other P'rushim. Why, this man had the audacity to call his group "Stone white sepulchurs filled with dead men's bones", a title which to any Observant Jew would be the greatest insult prossible.

Yet here he was before a teacher who had dared to speak so harshly against his own masters. Nicodemus was facing an intellectual and spiritual discord as he approached this master at night. Perhaps he came seeking an understanding of why this teacher was so at odds with the teacher he was setting under. After all both were Jews, both were proclaiming Torah Observance, both were issuing Halachah... perhaps if he became a student of both he could bridge the gap and end the disharmony between them.

As was the custom of the day he applauded the Master for his fruit. Normally he would have greeted him with a plauditude for his wisdom, but Nicodemus had heard far more about his workings than his teaching, so he praised him for his miracles. I am certain that the response he recieved was far beyond his expection: "Amein Amein, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. "

Nicodemus' response is one of confusion and surprise. "How can a man be born again," he asked "How can he reenter the womb?"

The natural man can not understand the things of the Ruach. Outside of this new birth, the very thought of the new birth is foolishness. We are born, we live, we eat, we make babies, and then we die. On the simplist analysis, that is the meaning of life.

A dead Spirit can not understand Spiritual life... therefore the anti-missionaries, the neo-P'rushim, have no concept of anyting other than what their 2 dimensional universe provides.

Yes, they are like flat-landers, living on a plane in a 2D universe, not comprehending that a third dimension hovers just above them. If the Ruach is born dead as WE believe and as the Brit Chadashah teaches, it can not understand life, having never experianced it.

Perhaps we should not be so hard on the Anti-Missionaries? Can they help it if they have eyes that can not see and ears that can not hear? Nature abhors a vaccumn and so does the human mind. Having rejected the gift of the Messiah and his gift of a living Ruach, the sages developed their own gospel, and to them it was good news indeed.

They didn't need sacrifices anymore. They could not do them anyway. They didn't want a Redeemer, so Moshiach became nothing more than a king who bring those pesky goyim under control. From their dead spirits seperated from the most high they created their own Torah. They even adapted the philosophies of the nations and implemented a form of reincarnation. They had made themselves G-d and made themselves eternal. The promise made by the serpent in the garden was complete.

But are they any different from any other religion on earth. Buddism teaches that man can evolve into a god over countless lives. Hinduism much the same. Roman Catholics seek that all important beafication. Man's nature is to desire to be G-d... and he is not! So G-d became man to redeem us and the rabbis turned away.

All the religions of man are man seeking to justify himself to G-d and in the process becoming as G-d. Biblical Christianity and Biblical Judaism are G-d justifying man and making him as a son.

But they just don't get it... to them we are the evil. Why? Because the way we have chosen is so easy. We don't have to obey G-d for browny points, he loves us just as we are. Thus we are free to love him and to obey him because we love him.

Poor Nic? I'm not sure he ever got it. Do you? Will they?

All we can do is sow the seed and let the L-rd of the Harvest bring the fruit.

Meanwhile the teachers of these other gospels will continue to try and steal the sheep's souls. They will call us evil... Rasha. Just the Pharisees who came before them attributed Y'shua's miracles to Baal-Zeebub.

I know that my rashaness is from him. I would be happy just to preach the Word, but I am called to defend the sheep. I'm a Supernaturally, Born-Again from the dead, Filled with a Living Ruach Rasha to the Evils of this World. Thats what G-d has made me and that is what I will remain.


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